My love. My life.


Don’t stereotype us and then complain if we stereotype you.

actually this is the “my daddy pays for everything and ive never had a job GO Greek!” outfit. 

The “My name is Preston, and I enjoy roofie-ing girls with my best buds and wearing matching sweaters” look

The ” I’ve never been with a black girl before haha” look

The “I’m drunk on somebody else’s PBR, when are you gonna play some Imagine Dragons, brah?” look

The “My Best FRiend Is Black. I Forgot His Name and Don’t Invite Him to My Neighborhood Though” look
why is mott so cold >>

And like the sea, I’m constantly changing from calm to hell.
Dallas Green
Oh okay
Not going to lie, I thought I looked great for my interview at Applebee’s the other day :) #me
My lover butt :)